Friday, April 2, 2010

previous post: LHC discovers black rings

My previous post: LHC discovers black rings, was an April Fool's joke, just in case someone was fooled, but it did link to genuine sites. However, to someone non technical, it does give a good flavour of how particle physics is actually done, though real nuclear physicists will note inaccuracies and gross over simplifications.

I discovered after I initially wrote the previous post, that there were actual Black Rings predicted, but the chances of the LHC creating one is much lower than the LHC actually discovering the Higgs boson in a definitive way within the next week - at best physicists could hope for are a few events suggestive of the Higgs boson.

The LHC is now starting its long 3.5 TeV run to look for the new physics, but I would be surprised if there were papers published in the next 3 months revealing any new particles based on this energy level. However, I would love to be wrong in this case!

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